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real learning

Why METALOG training tools?

Long-winded theory is mostly hard to digest. Our tools “translate” theoretical concepts such as communication, leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, and selling into multisensory learning experiences, creating the ideal environment for real learning.


Integration with Hand and Foot

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We consider solidarity to be of fundamental importance in our society. And, as entrepreneurs who help shape this society, we do not simply talk about values such as integration and participation, but create and live them in our daily lives.

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Welcome to the learning world of METALOG training tools

Some consider training tools to be games for individuals or teams. In reality, they are much more than that: they are group activators, trainer relaxers, systemic wonder tools, teamwork trendsetters, learning diversifiers, feedback polishers, group behavior explorers, skill-based impact generators, organizational culture enhancers and, of course, creators of authentic learning situations.

Tools such as Tower of Power or RealityCheck can be used for a wide range of topics, themes and issues, such as communication training or leadership training, as a tool for training and development, for personal development, for team development, as team building activities or as interventions in team processes. Some can also be used simply as icebreakers and energizers. Our tools support trainers achieve their objectives and targets for their project management workshops, sales training programs, and leadership activities. Other trainers, facilitators, teachers, and professors who work in L&D want to enhance the experiential learning aspect of their seminars, workshops and training programs.

We also offer a broad range of coaching tools for one on one/individual process work. Coaches enhance their feedback and debriefing sessions with the opportunities for reviewing and reflecting provided by the EmotionCards. Additionally, more and more teachers, instructors and university professors are discovering how the tools can be used to adapt their training design to include problem-solving, social learning activities, making it possible to train competencies and skills such as team effectiveness, appreciation or resilience through collaborative and innovative methods.

Whatever way you work with groups in your company or institution (whether as trainer, facilitator, coach, teacher, professor, lecturer, or supervisor), and however you describe our tools (whether as training games, exercises, interactive methods, experiential tasks, interaction activities, team tasks, leadership and management exercises, metaphors), and whatever the learning outcome or goal, with experience-oriented learning you can make a real difference!